about me.

DSC_5825Hi! My name is Lindsay and welcome to my small corner of the blogging world. I am a newly thirty-something wife to my husband, Sam, and now new mother to my son, Nolan. My husband and I have been married since July 2015 and it has been such a wonderful whirlwind. We’ve moved five times, my husband completed his bachelor’s (he was in the Air Force previously), had several job changes and are now in the midst of figuring out this parenting thing. We love every bit of this crazy life that the Lord has blessed us with.

So why have this blog? For me, this is a space to mark all of the moments that so quickly pass during this new season and sharing it with my family, near and far. A space for me to share some of my creative projects and ideas. A space to share some of my thoughts during this transition into being a stay at home mother after working everyday since I was sixteen. A space for my diy creations, essential oils and any other ideas that come along. And most of all, a space for me struggle through my imperfect walk with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

For those that don’t know me personally but would like to follow along and want to know more, here are some fun facts about me:

I am the oldest child (of three) of a Pastor and Teacher. I grew up in Salem, Oregon, moved to San Diego with my family when I was sixteen and am now right back in Salem, Oregon. I met my husband at the church he grew up in in March 2013 – 10 months after meeting, we dated for 10 months, and were engaged for 10 months and are now happily married. I love to spend my time in the sunshine, sewing or making something crafty, and snuggling up with my husband and son after a long day. My love language is quality ┬átime, I’m an ENFP in Meyers-Briggs and a Type 6 in the Enneagram!

I hope that you will find inspiration, encouragement and a friend here.

With love,


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