X is for…

As of yesterday, Nolan is now twenty-four weeks old! Happy new year everyone! After we rang in 2018, it was a relatively slow week for us as my husband headed back to work at his main job this week, but that didn’t stop Nolan for deciding to do things! Here are some highlights from our week:

  • Nolan tried Broccoli and Apples this week (pureed with a little bit of breastmilk). He wasn’t super sure about them but we will probably give them another try this week.
  • Nolan is all over the place. He loves rolling around (still mostly just to his right) and will roll to another part of a room. If he wants to change directions he will scoot in a circle. It’s so cute.
  • The best word to describe this week would be curiosity. Nolan’s been rolling up to his toy box and looking in, looking at books and flipping the same page back and forth, rolling under his swing or play gym and seeing how it works ♥️
  • This week (really the past few days), Nolan has figured out how to get into a plank on his belly and propel himself forward with his toes! He’s trying SO hard to move around!
  • A tooth has sprung! His bottom left tooth has slightly broken through the gums and has been there for the past 3 days – we will see if it sticks around (I hear that they can disappear just as quickly as they arrive). We hope it’s here to stay though. He’s pretty uncomfortable, especially in the evenings.
  • Most of this week Nolan has been leaning against either my husband or I. He will lean forward to grab something but then wants to “take a break” and rest against our legs. Today he decided that he wanted to sit all on his own! We will see if this is just a fluke or if this is his new trick!

And now for the next page of our ABC Book! X is for…

ourse we won't forget our outtakes!

And that's a wrap on this week! We hope you all have a wonderful week!

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