W is for…

As of yesterday, Nolan is now twenty three weeks old! It’s been a very busy week for our little man (and I’m sure for all of you as well!). Here are some highlights from our week:

  • If you didn’t know, Christmas was this past week and we did quite a bit of celebrating! My parents and sister came a few days before Christmas to celebrate with us before they left for Texas to visit my brother and his family. We had our own first Christmas as a family of three on Christmas morning followed by a Christmas celebration with my husband’s immediate family before the extended family showed up for Christmas Round 4 that night! We had so much fun that the day after Christmas was spent with lots of naps and cuddles. Some highlights from Christmas for Nolan were:
    • As usual, Nolan was all smiles. Despite a long day he was quite the trooper! He enjoyed hanging out with some of his cousins, second cousins, aunts, uncles, and the grands and some of the great grands!
    • Tearing the wrapping paper off the boxes was SO interesting! Obviously after enough of it was off the package it went straight for his mouth 🙂
    • Nolan received lots of great books and toys that he’s already enjoying playing with – especially in his new highchair!
  • Uncle James and his girlfriend Ann were in town and we got to spend some extra time with them. He sure loved smiling, playing and rolling around for them.
  • Nolan wants nothing more than to start moving! He continues to roll, move himself in a circle on his tummy and is now added a “downward dog” style move to his repertoire to help propel himself forward. It’s SO cute.
  • Sitting is also starting to get better for Nolan. We’ve done some more intentional propping with pillows, some sitting in his new highchair and we even tried having him sit on the floor with small bits by himself and he did SO good! He even reached for some toys and pulled himself back into his seated position a few times. Who knows! We may have a sitter soon 🙂
  • We’ve officially tried our first food! I started reading the the book Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater and we decided that Nolan was ready to start trying/experiencing solid foods. We baked a sweet potato for him and let him mash, squeeze and even do a little taste test with it. He seemed to enjoy it! There’s even a mess to prove it lol. If you have any good, whole food suggestions for Nolan to try, I would LOVE to hear about them in the comments!


And now for the ABC Book page! W is for…

And of course the adorable outtakes 😊

And that’s a wrap on this week! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We hope you have a wonderful week and will update you again next year!

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