V is for…

As of this past Wednesday, Nolan is now 22 weeks old (and officially 5 months old!). With Christmas around the corner we’ve been busy getting ready for family coming to town, but here are a few highlights from our week that don’t have to do with cleaning 🙂

  • Nolan is rolling ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. Still mostly in one direction lol, but oh so cute. He continues to work on sticking his booty in the air <– Funny story about this. One night, I had put Nolan down in his crib on his side. He was almost asleep and then he decided he wanted to be on his other side. With his eyes still closed, he stuck his booty in the air and moved to the other side (all with that adorable booty😂 )
  • Nolan continues to grab like a champ. Oh and everything he grabs goes straight in his mouth! Some are starting to wonder if were starting to work on a tooth… We will see! No swollen gums yet, but definitely lots of drool!
  • Nolan has a fascination with things going into other people’s mouth too. It used to just be cups and now it’s food too. Were probably getting close to trying some solid foods.
  • Because Nolan loves watching things go into our mouths, we decided to let him “try” a carrot. Don’t worry. He was monitored the whole time. He really seemed to enjoy it!
  • We had a birthday party for Jesus this week with our Mama Tribe group and Santa stopped by to celebrate too! (first time meeting Santa)


And now for the next page of our ABC Book!

This pictures were very interesting to take. Since we had let him try sucking on a carrot the day before he kept trying to do it again 😂 It made for some cute outtakes though.

And that’s a wrap on this week! I think next week will be one for the books 😉

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