U is for…

Nolan is now 21 weeks old! Our little man is growing so fast. Here are a few highlights from our past week:

  • Nolan conquered his cold this week. It was rough on all of us (especially at night). But at last we are all in our own beds and working towards a normal night sleep – and we’re getting closer each night 🙂
  • Rolling over is all the rage for us parents but Nolan is ready to start moving on to bigger and greater things! I’ve caught him a few times pushing up on his toes into a plank! It’s so cute, but I also want to pump the brakes and enjoy this current phase. There is still more to learn with rolling over; especially since he can’t seem to figure out to roll in the other direction and literally gets stuck in the corner.
  • Sitting up is so fun for Nolan. He can only do it with items around him to prop him up, but he loves it.
  • Nolan is becoming more and more chatty. He used to only “talk” with something in his mouth (normally his fingers), but now he’s babbling more – especially if you start singing to him 🙂
  • I would probably categorize Nolan’s toes as his favorite toy this week. Seriously though. He loves holding both of them out, bringing them close to his face and sucking on his toes (baby’s sure are flexible!)
  • A few firsts happened this week! Nolan attended his first birthday party this week for baby Jesus and Santa and Mrs. Claus showed up! We are undecided if we will do the “santa” thing for him as he grows but we do love that this particular Santa was our Pastor. So fun 🙂


And now for the next ABC Book page!

And of course some outtakes of Mr. Smiley 😃


And that’s a wrap on this week! Only 5 more pages to go. Are you enjoying these as much as me?

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