T is for…

Nolan is now TWENTY weeks old (as of yesterday)! Nolan caught a pretty nasty cold this past week so there isn’t a lot to mention, but here are a few highlights none the less 🙂

  • If I had to use one word to describe Nolan this week I would choose curious. We got our Christmas tree this week and he’s in awe of it! He’s also become fascinated with cups. Whatever I have in it, it wants to see it and tries to touch it (including my hot coffee!)
  • Nolan loves to play in his ExerSaucer. He’s getting so good at grabbing all the things and wants to play with his ball and little car so badly. So much so that he’s trying so hard to sit up. It’s so cute yet I want him to slow down!
  • Nolan continues to love to play with his feet. He loves to hold on to them as long as he can and sometimes it feels like he enjoys helping me put oils on his feet – when he grabs them, he will stretch out his legs and put the bottoms of his feet in front of me. It’s so cute! He gets a real kick out of this.
  • Nolan’s current favorite room is the bathroom. He LOVES to smile at himself (and others) in the mirror and his favorite part of his day is bath time. He can be so fussy and tired, but put him in the tub and he lights up!
  • With this being the first week of Advent, we started reading Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. Nolan loves looking at the pictures on the pages. It will be so fun to make this a tradition every year (and I’m hoping to make felt ornaments to coordinate for upcoming years).


And now for the next page of Nolan’s ABC book! T is for…

And of course the outtakes (it’s getting harder to keep him still 😬)*:


And that’s a wrap on this week! We hope you stay cozy and are able to slow during the week to come and this holiday season.

*For those that were concerned, all photos were taken under direct supervision 😉

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