Why I Blog

There are blogs about anything and everything. If you want to read about new recipes, there are hundreds of blogs about that. Decorating? That’s covered. How to use your point and shoot camera? You betcha! Bottle rockets? You may have to do some searching, but it’s probably out there.

So why me? If everything is covered, why do I blog?

There are a couple different reasons. First being, I just want to share what’s on my heart. I am a verbal processor and this is becoming a place for me to share the ideas going on in my brain and/or what the Lord is stirring in my heart. Over the last couple years I’ve learned the value of being transparent. This world loves to tell each one of us that you don’t need anyone and that you’re better off alone. You’re independent. But as I’ve walked through my 26 years of life I’ve realized the importance of community. When you walk through stuff alone, it’s lonely and you begin to feel helpless. But when you have someone walking with you, encouraging you, and sometimes just sitting with you, you realize that there’s more. God never wanted us to walk through this life alone. He wants to walk beside us and he wants us to have a community surrounding us that encourages us and supports us through all the challenges this life brings. And the more I share, the more I realize that others are walking or have been walking through similar things. It is a lie to believe that “no one will understand” or that “nobody struggles with this.” So this blog is my place to share what’s going on in my heart in hopes that God will use it to encourage you and let you know that you’re not alone. I know that I’m young and have so much more life to live, but I pray that you will walk with me.

Another reason I blog is that I want to keep people updated on the happenings of my life. It’s a little bit for me so that I can remember and have a place to document the adventures in my life, but it’s also for my family and friends. Not all of my community is here, but I want to be inclusive. I want you to feel like you’re here with me, or at least feel like you are. That’s the joy of the internet. Even though we may be miles apart, it is my hope that you will feel apart of it. Life is busy and it is so easy to forget to pause and take mental pictures of the moments as they come. Each season is temporary. Some of it is exciting and some of it is confusing or frustrating, but I know that I will want to remember every part of it and see how God works.

I also blog to hopefully inspire. I want to be someone who is challenged by the things the Lord puts on my heart, but I also hope that it will inspire you. For the record, I am far from perfect. But whether it be in some crafting project, a new recipe or through my walk with Jesus, I pray that each of us will be encouraged in the way God works and moves (including myself).

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, congratulations! Thank you for reading and for getting to know a little bit about my heart and my journey in this thing called Life. I hope that you will grab a cup of coffee or a drink of your choice and continue to walk with me. Will you join me?

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