Spending Freeze: Day 2.

Before we start talking about de-cluttering, I just want to take a moment and reflect on how {amazing} God truly is! I have been completely humbled lately with how gracious God is. When I feel like I’m losing control, God gently reminds me how big He is!


Now on to the challenge for today! (YAY!) I don’t want to paraphrase Day 2 because I think Ruth says it perfectly and it doesn’t really need any extras. Day 2 is all about organizing the pantry. Whoop whoop!

I’ll try and post some before and after photos tomorrow.

SIDE NOTE// I think I’ve decided that as I journey through this challenge, I will try and blog as much as possible but with my interesting schedule for the next month, it will need to be modified for me. I may have to tackle a few tasks in the same day and other days I won’t be able to organize but will definitely be making sure my priorities are in check. BUT I want you to know that I will be doing each task and I hope that you will also participate and do each task as well! I want to hear about each of your journeys so please update me on how your progress is going. I want to know what’s working for you and what’s a struggle for you. Please be open and honest– I for sure will!

I hope you are enjoying/looking forward to this journey as much as I am!!


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