A Month Without Spending: Game Plan.

As you can tell by my last post, simplifying my life is on the mind. Please read this and this {Living Well Spending Less is a fabulous blog — I’m totally obsessed}.

After reading those posts I was even more inspired in a practical way to simplify, be more content, and spend less. I don’t know about you but I am up for the 31 day challenge! I want to commit to living well and spending zero for 31 days! Now I haven’t read each challenge for each day, but I am ready to embark on this unique journey to simplify and spend less. I want to fill my life with things that matter and are important to me.

Honestly, the timing isn’t great. My next 31 days are going to be crazy busy. I am leaving for California in 12 days, coordinating a wedding in 23 days and moving to a new apartment after that. But the reality is, life is always busy. I don’t think I would ever find the “perfect” time to not spend any money. If you’re ready, join me as I attempt commit to spending zero dollars through these next crazy 31 days! Here’s the link for Day 1!

Honesty Note: I don’t want this next 31 days to feel like a loss. I want it to be a positive experience of spending time on the things that matter most to me. It’s not about fancy, glamorous things. I want these next several weeks to help transform my life into one that is positive, faith-filled, and rich in relationships. If at the end of these 31 days my life is a little more reflective of those characteristics, it will have been a successful 31 days.

My Life Priorities.

Spending Time with God.



Being Creative.

Being Healthy.


This Month’s Goals.

Spend time in God’s Word at least once a day.

Prayer. Spend time talking with God once a day, in addition to meals. More is ALWAYS better!

Spend more time communicating with my family. I want them to know that I am thinking about them and that I care about them. I want to contact my family at least once a week.

Spend quality time with the friends that matter to me. Spend at least two nights a week with friends.

Have a monthly project. Not sure what it will be for this month but I would like to work on and COMPLETE a project.

For this month, I would like to cut out processed sugar for my diet and work out at least 2 days each week. My California trip will be slightly modified: I get to experience my cousin’s WONDERFUL desserts but not overly so.


My Ground Rules for my 31 Days.

Money will only be spent on the essentials (Vacation week: I will only spend the allowed budget, but I don’t have to spend it all). This means no restaurants, clothing purchases, movies, hobbies, home décor, etc.


Reminder: I’m not listing all of these priorities, goals and rules to set myself up for failure. I want to vocalize my priorities, goals and rules for accountability. I want those of you in my life to encourage me and motivate me. Above all, I want to have these next 31 days be a time of focusing on Jesus and finding contentment in him. I hope you will think about it, pray about it, and join me in this adventure.


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