Change can be a scary thing. Sometimes I embrace change; other times it’s the elephant in the room.

Recently, there has been plenty of changes in my life: moving, relationships, churches, etc. At times the changes were hard. At the same time, with God’s help, I have been more courageous, relational, independent, and content. It’s amazing the things that God does through change.

I’ve been reading through the book of Acts and it’s fascinating to think about how much change Paul (used to be Saul) has gone through and how much God was able to use him. He had such astounding faith!

{Side note} Saul was the man who persecuted Christians for their faith. He went out on man hunts until God struck him to the ground, blinded him until he met a disciple and then Saul believed [Acts 9 // super paraphrased]. After that, all Saul (soon to be Paul) wanted to do was learn more about Christ and spread the Word! SO inspiring!

Paul never appears to be discouraged. He knows God is with him and never doubts  God’s presence. In the face of death Paul stands strong, speaks the truth and is used by God. It’s truly inspiring.

I know change isn’t easy. I don’t mean to make it sound so simple, yet Paul’s story is so encouraging and a wonderful reminder of how amazing our lives can be if we choose Christ. 100%. All the time.

My life isn’t easy. It’s a continual journey. But as of now, I am inspired and ready to take what life is going to put in front of me because through Christ I am courageous and strong.

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